Thinking of Selling Your Business?

We could be the buyer you are looking for

Why sell your business to us?

Managed Creative is the accounting practice we created and setup as a working business, in order to give us valuable insight and understanding to be able to work alongside other practices as a group.

We are now grouping up other practices in order to buy them, so they can work individually or as a group to share resources and take advantage of bigger size.

If you are considering the future of your business or selling it, we hope this might be of interest.

The Problem / Opportunity

  • The way we live and work has changed
  • Covid 19 has caused enormous change for society and business.
  • Staff started working from home in 2020 which became the norm for many.
  • Effectively companies became an outsource company to themselves, but were not geared up to do this.
  • As departments have been decimated, is now the right time to replace and train staff?
  • Adapt or be history

Managed Creative has close connections to the following businesses to help support it

The BizMill ecosystem and infrastructure (summarised in consists of:

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