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Display Advertising
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Since its use first in late 1994, the use of Display advertisement has significantly increased over the years. If made use of them in the best possible way, this medium can help your business skyrocket.

Numerous mediums have surfaced to aid companies and individuals to display Ads on their portals. It is crucial to find the perfect medium to market through and to target the right audience.

Our team at Managed Creative is supremely talented in designing advertisements and displaying them in the right place and to the right audience so that it bags the maximum benefits. In 2012, Neil Patel reported that approximately 1903 display adverts are viewed by a single American user every month. So, why not use that to your advantage and enhance your reach?

What Are Display Ads?

Display ads are primarily graphical and textual representations displayed in banner ads on designated areas on websites and social media platforms. Banner ads can either be just text, or they may contain pictures, videos, and other graphical means to capture the attention of users, although this may be a little more costly.

Display Ads are a medium for companies and individuals to collect revenue from their traffic by selling that space to advertisers and promoters. The adverts and promotions are then displayed beside the content.

Banners vary in shape and size depending on the space allowed by the ad network and the aim of the advert. Our excellent record and long-term partnerships have polished our abilities to design the perfect ad for you and deliver it to your target audience.

What can Display ads and Banner ads achieve?

Banner display ads can lead to securing new leads and also reaching out to people who have shown interest in your offerings at one point in time. We can compartmentalise the possible use of Banner ads into three folds:

Brand Awareness

The first step is to create awareness about your brand and display ads such as banner ads are the perfect means to make that happen.

The main aim is not to secure a sale but to extend your reach. The time and effort put into your campaign are to expand your reach to your audience to the maximum possible extent and to guide them toward your product or services.


Finding new leads, potential clients, end-users, customers, and traffic through display advertisements is not an easy task, and it requires time, effort, a reasonable budget, and the proper guidance to make it work. Often, you may have seen people whose businesses fail to do well despite the invested time, effort, and money because of the wrong strategies and no proper guidance.

It is difficult and costly to find the ideal advertising space amidst the staunch circumstances of these times, such as the Adblockers that users have installed on their devices and the extreme competition in the market.



Retargeting, as the name suggests, retargets the customers who have already visited your brand’s website and surfed through it but, for some reason, did not make any purchases or they make any transactions. For say, a person visited your website, selected things, and added them to their cart, but they did not check out for some reason.

Such customers are targeted, and ads that they may find intriguing are displayed to them, such as ads showing free delivery or discount offers by your brand. 

Type of  display advertising

Once we have listed campaign objectives, the marketing technique is decided. Based on these goals, there are mostly three choices:


The basic idea of remarketing is that your advertisement will target the audience who have already visited your website but left without making use of your company’s offerings, be it purchasing something or sharing something or so on. Fascinating advertisements are displayed to those users to direct them towards your website so that they do take the intended benefit from your brand through the website.

Site Placement Advertising

Advertising experts will ponder over and select the ideal place to display your advert so that it reaps the maximum benefits. For example, a gaming app could be advertised over recreational platforms like Facebook or through gaming websites. Managed Creative excels due to its past experience. Our experts know precisely where to direct your marketing so that it is the most beneficial.

Contextual Advertising

Advertising networks such as Google Ads, aka Google Display Network
(GDN), can display your ads to the most relevant audiences. For example, a makeup product can be advertised on an online makeup mart such as the SEPHORA website.

Why Managed Creative?

Managed Creative is the ultimate solution to all your digital marketing needs and demands. We can revolutionise your marketing game by prioritising programmatic advertisements and display marketing. Despite their fairly reasonable response rate to Banner Ads, end-users often find Banner Ads irritating.

Banner Ads pop up randomly, sometimes blocking content. Users find this annoying, and sometimes they get conscious that a virus or malware has infected their device. To save themselves from this, users install Adblockers on their devices to prevent the hassle of having to tolerate any ads.

Statistics published in the Instapaper of 2017, show that 380 Million people use AdBlock on their mobile phones, and 236 Million use AdBlock on their desktop.

But with Managed Creative’s experience and our committed teams, we are ready to face this problem. We will guide you in designing your campaign’s banner ads in such a way that they can maneuver straight through the AdBlockers and be visible to your target audience.

Managed Creative will deliver the following:


Campaign development and management


Display Advertising with all verticals


Proficient and advanced media buying


Plan to develop the best distribution channel


Constant Monitoring of progress of the campaign by updating the client


Paid social media initiatives

Your success
is our success

Here at Managed Creative, we monitor our progress based on the number of successful clients. When your company makes any progress due to our strategies, we are notified by our Key Performance Indicator. With us having your back, you can rest assured of the following:


Delivery and fulfillment of your advertising goals, keeping your time and budget in mind.


Get reach from the right target audience, which benefits your brands.


Designing banners ads with text, images, videos, and other forms of rich media.


Testing and reviewing campaigns to confirm progress.


Suggesting new potential markets and target audiences.


Use of our experience and expertise to increase your conversion rates.

Let’s talk numbers

Our campaigns are customised to meet the required goals in a given period with a predefined budget. Costs vary as per the requirements, but at the end of the day, your money is being put to good use; The benefit you receive will exceed your investment and expectations.