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Social Media Marketing for Your Brand

With the advent of social media, the world has become a smaller place. People are no longer confined to their hometowns. They now interact with people globally with ease. Facebook and other such platforms have connected people to a digital grid. Facebook is more than just connecting with old friends and keeping in touch with new ones, it is a hub for digital marketing and business growth. It offers immense potential for brands to advertise and grow, owing to the fact that millions of people use it. Managed Creative will help you achieve your brand goals, be it increased revenue, more traffic on your website, or creating brand awareness. We want your brand to dominate, and we want to help you through that journey.

We will create custom campaigns to achieve these goals. Our skilled teams will create content that engages the audience.

We will identify your niche audience for optimised results. We will accompany you on your journey to success.

What makes us different from other social media marketing agencies ?

Managed Creative has a past record of successful campaigns and has a large clientele, many of whom are returning clients. With a deep understanding of strategies and years of experience under our belt, we are more than capable of seeing your brand to the heights of success.

More Than Just Ad Creation

Facebook is a considerably large forum. Many businesses are solely dependent on Facebook to run their business showing the potential of marketing on Facebook alone is immense. If we prudently utilise it, there’s no telling the success we might achieve. We can help you make the most by advertising on this forum. Our expert marketing team will strategise the best campaigns to run on Facebook and aim it at the right audience.


Types of Facebook Advertisements Managed Creative Offer

There are different types of Facebook ads that you can choose, depending on your overall goals and objectives:



Facebook Ads by
Managed Creative

We want to provide you with your money’s worth and thus spend wisely without compromising on the quality of our content. Managed Creative’s Facebook marketing includes:


  • Creating campaign ideas and realising them.
  • Running continuous tests on ad images and copy combinations.
  • Evaluating the best performing ads to derive inspiration.
  • Optimising ads for cost-effective cost-per-click.
  • Monitoring, measuring and reporting the success of the advertisements.

Managed Creative targets audiences by considering the following areas

  • Audience interests.
  • Facebook ads are gender exclusive, giving the option of targeting either men or women.
  • Age of potential targeted audience.
  • Extracting contact numbers.
  • Location.
  • Liked pages and posts related to your brand.

Why choose our Social Media Agency

There are numerous businesses that have benefitted dramatically from Facebook marketing and have taken off because of the popularity they gained by marketing on social media platforms. You can utilise this forum to achieve the same success by converting your C-grade clients into responsive A-grade clients. You can make a mark in the market and spread awareness of your brand to the competitors by making your brand the talk of the town. With Managed Creative helping you through the entire process, you are bound to succeed. Our team devises marketing campaigns that are backed by thorough research of your brand and target audience. We realise that mobile phones are on the rise, and most people use Facebook on their mobile apps, thus, we make sure we optimise our content for desktops as well as mobiles and other handheld devices. We keep in mind the latest trends, the preferences of the audience and many other things whilst thinking up designs and strategies for your brand adverts.