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Not only will you rise to the competition, but you will rank beyond it too.


Google advertising is an advertising service provided by Google called Google Ads. It is created for firms that want to update their services and products to a target audience. With this in mind, there are limited reasons why Google’s advertising services are so widespread.

Advertising or Ads services have many advantages. The first is that Ads allow you to set a budget for paid AdWord campaigns only when somebody clicks on your advertisement and visits your web. This type of ad is called PPC (pay per click). In other words, PPC advertising keeps you from killing a needless budget. The 2nd feature is the variety of out-of-the-box targeting options. For clarity, these options will help you promote your business better and reach the relevant audience. By setting the correct direction, you can similarly avoid wasting a portion of your digital marketing budget. Ultimately, your AdWords will appear on Google SERPs (search engine results pages) as well as across the whole Google ads network. These reasons give you the chance to display your ad in a broader range of ad formats.


To clarify what a paid search looks like, we need to explain the structure of the SERP. Take the google Searches,

Managed Creative

Managed Creative is a popular Google digital marketing agency that provides SEM (search engine marketing services) and PPC (pay-per-click ads) to businesses and organisations. The company We help clients create AdWord campaigns designed to increase visibility and conversion rates of the brand. Your marketing our team implements pay-per-click ads as part of an overall strategy that includes using search engines to attract related audiences and improve analytics and SEO.


By effectively managing your website’s SEO, your website will rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs ). This means that you will get a lot of traffic in a few days or months. Also, SEO practices can be executed in a variety of frameworks; that is, you can choose SEO for WordPress if you have a WordPress site.

Advice and training

Ads are an important part of many SERPs. However, when it approaches organic SEO marketing, you don’t have to pay money for the traffic you attract because it is organic. SEO improvements, our strategies, and our implementations are driving traffic to your brand site based on your audience’s search terms which come from Search Engine Results Pages.


We audit your business. Create a PPC marketing plan for your core products or services. Create a list of the search standards your customers use when searching for your own business or services


Digital partner

Not only will run your PPC marketing campaigns, but we will also hear your ideas and what you think will raise your business prospects.


Campaign focus

We take the time to understand your goals and your business. We’ll come to you and develop an attractive campaign tailored to your requirements.


Pay Per Click experts

We are not too busy to respond to your questions. The right business professional will work with you, provide tailored updates, and help you deal with any hurdles along the way.

We help you to
advertise with GOOGLE

At Managed Creative, Our marketers make the PPC system run your business and thrive on producing successful brand or business strategies.

GMP (Google Marketing Platforms)

In summary, Managed Creative offers the following services:


Google AdWords is an online advertising platform established by Google, where advertisers or promoters pay to show service offers, short ads, product listings, create mobile app installs and video content within the Google ad network for website users.


Off page SEO using high-powered website SEO backlinks.


Our experts conduct complete keyword research to find fresh SEO keywords that will bring you more traffic.


We are translucent and provide complete reports on your growth.


On page optimisation of your website pages according to Google's SEO algorithm to improve SEO.