Instagram Marketing

Unleash the hidden potential of your Brand

The Instagram community comprises 1 billion monthly users and continues to grow. Out of these billion people, 59% log onto the app once a day, providing opportunities for advertisers to publicise their product or service on this platform. Above 75% of the 1 billion users follow one or more brands. Advertising on Instagram makes it easy for advertisers to not only advertise on Facebook but manage both platforms with ease too. So it’s sensible for you to utilise this opportunity.

Confused? Lost? All over the place?

This might seem a bit baffling to you, but we’re here to help. We at Managed Creative can help you regardless of the scale of your work. From startups to business giants that make millions, we cater to the needs of all. Our clients include various brands, for whom we design and concoct multiple marketing strategies to use on Instagram, that project the best image of your brand and bring in more views.

More Than Just A Mere Instagram Marketing Agency

Instagram is an eye-catching collection of striking photos fit for magazines and a showcase of glamour and trends. It is a platform with a high rate of interactive users.

Managed Creative has a team of experts who will devise and put into practice the best marketing strategies for Instagram. They will not only create content that is in keeping with the latest trends but also serves the purpose of the brand. We will also monitor the response to the content we put out and strive to make improvements for better results in the future. We also run cross-channel ads on Facebook.

Grow Your Audience by Instagram Marketing

In order for your followers to grow, and in order for you to get more activity on your ads (likes and comments), you need to create advertisements that will captivate your audience. For that, you need the right strategies, and Managed Creative will help you with that and give you tips and tricks to increase your views and engagement.

Instagram has great potential for marketing.  Our clients have achieved thousands of followers organically using the strategies that we provide. We invest our time in getting to know your brand better and thinking up the design strategy that suits your brand to get more eyeballs on your page and help it to grow organically.

How Managed Creative Turns Imagination into Execution

Managing Your Instagram Content

Our team of experts can design and schedule posts to go live to your followers at a time that suits you. Using this method, we are able to plan weeks in advance to help you keep on top of your marketing.


Limitless Organic Growth

We help your brand dominate and grow in terms of followers, and we do this organically. Our skilled team will help you achieve growth by using our expertise and experience.

Engaging Photography on Instagram

Don’t have any photos to share online? Managed Creative can design and create striking branded imagery that you can share across multiple platforms. 

One of a kind Advertising on Instagram

In order for your sales to grow, you need more eyes on your adverts, which means more traffic, and for that, you need content that captures people.

What Makes Us Different Than Other Instagram Marketing Agencies

Managed Creative’s expert marketing team devises several designs for every post and tests them before putting them out in order to reach your niche audience. Instagram users are usually ones that seek entertainment through the app. They respond well to content that is engrossing, empathetic, provide knowledge, and make an impact that lasts. Many companies squander their clients’ resources and time implementing strategies that are just not right for them.

Managed Creative, however, uses the best tools, strategies, and techniques to help you. All this, coupled with a skilled team that is well versed in the concept of Instagram, helps you to increase your followers and achieve your goals. We help in establishing trust between you and your audience. We help build on the pillars of brand loyalty and do our best to spread brand awareness amongst the appropriate audience. We will help make your brand the talk of the town. Creating authentic, knowledgeable, and engaging content that brings in all those views is what sets us apart in this field.


We are Ready Whenever You are

For a better understanding, we will share how to increase your followers. We will tell you the number of views your videos get and why there is so much engagement.

Managed Creative’s prime focus is clients; we will let you know all our tactics – not only those that work but also those that did not. We believe that this will be a fantastic experience for you and you will also learn a few things along the way.