Learn How to Get an AdWords Certification

by | Nov 24, 2020 | Digital Marketing - Managed Creative

The Google AdWords Certification is a short series of two exams, both of which after passing grants you with your own AdWords Certification. One of the tests, the Google AdWords Fundamentals exam, must be taken online and the other one of your choice from the following list:

  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Video Advertising
  • Shopping Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising


The 3 main steps

There are three main steps to getting this certification. First you must complete all the questions that come up on the test. After you complete the exams there will be one final test, an actual exam.

 If you fail any of the questions during the final test it can result in failure. Your final score will also determine if you get certified or not.


What’s in the test?

The actual exam consists of answering multiple choice questions. This is similar to taking a typical college exam except for the fact that the questions are answered through Google. Questions are designed to test how you learn and what areas you need more help with. Some of the questions you will answer are, for example, how many clicks you need to get someone to visit a page; will you ever use a paid placement option?


How to have success

It is important that you take the test often, because this is what makes you a candidate for the exam. You have to understand the system, and apply it every time before you get to the real exam.

 It is also important to follow the step by step instructions of the test as they appear. Failure to do so will leave you in the dark about what questions you should answer. This could lead to your failing the exam and you will be stuck with your own bad habits.


Getting prepared

By the time you finish the test and answer the questions correctly you will be ready for the actual exam. Once you pass your test, you will receive a certificate and a link to download the test so you can take it online.

 This is a great way to go about getting this certification without having to spend money on a class. Another method of training that is often expensive, such as attending a university. Also, you can get all the knowledge you need right at your home.



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