Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a free web tool that will help you manage the tags and capturing analytics on all of your web pages. It is especially useful in conjunction with other Google analytics tools. You can use it in addition to the Google Website Profits tool, and Google AdSense.


 About Google Tag Manager:

Google Tag Manager provides you with a simple interface to manage all of your Google account tags. You will also see the Google tags page in Google Analytics. The tag editor lets you view the tags that are being used on your pages and determine if any of those tags are not displaying properly. You can also select which tags should be displayed in the Google Analytics report.


Use Tag Manager For Marketing:

Google tag manager also allows you to add your web site content to your own tags, which can help measure the effectiveness of your Content Marketing campaign. You can also add tags to your Google AdWords campaigns that show related ads to your search terms. Google also provides you with a page ranking analyser that will help you determine which of your web pages are making the most money based on keywords that you are using.


Track How Your Campaigns Are Working

Google tag manager allows you to easily create new tags to create an effective Keyword Targeting Campaign, track how well your campaigns are working, and add tags to your existing campaigns. If you have more than one Domain Name for your web pages, you can select which of those domains should display their own tags on their Google Analytics pages. You can then target the tags to each of those domains to create a more effective campaign.


GTM Provides Complete Statistics

Google tag manager also provides you with statistics that you can track to see what types of searches are driving visitors to your pages. You can select whether or not to display your Google Analytics report for particular pages based on these results. You can also select which of your web pages to display your Google Analytics report for in the web site’s main navigation menu. You can include this in your web sites about box to get people interested in what your website has to offer. Google tag manager also provides statistics to track which of your web sites have the largest numbers of visits and which have the lowest page rank.


Tags Helper

Google tag manager also includes a feature called the “tags helper” to help you create customized HTML tags quickly and easily. It is easy to customize the HTML tags with the help of this tool, which can increase the speed and convenience of creating unique tags for each web page. By simply adding tags to your page.


By Managed Creative