Making Your Impression Count

Social Media Services

What is Social Media Design?

Social media is the key to your success. You can reach a million people in just one hour and market your business globally from home.

Managed Creative believes that the world is moving towards the digital world; This is why we have a refined set of strategies that will allow you to go digital. 

Today, digital marketing is a great way to reach targeted customers.

Branded Visual Design

Social Media Banners

Social Media Banners customise the way your brand is displayed. If you give your brand the right look, it can do wonders for your product or service.

Social media banners will represent and maintain your online presence in no time, helping you to get the right message across.

They are found at the top of your page and are known for driving digital sales.   Social media banners have a specific characteristic associated with them: they are attractive and instantly explain your brand.

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Social Media Marketing

Managed Creative maintains a cohesive voice for your brand on all social media platforms. Banner marketing has many benefits. If you don’t have an eye-catching banner, chances are you won’t hold a target audience.

Also, we research your brand to find out what makes you different from your competitors so that we are able to create a unique and eye-catching banner design.

Our Social Media Content Strategy

Managed Creative brings your digital marketing strategy to life. Our content marketing strategy will help you increase website traffic. Our content writing team will produce engaging content to build trust and influence your buyer’s purchasing decisions.

Content is king. Research shows that the more engaging your content, the more likely your audience will buy from you. Our content marketing service will help you in the following ways:

  • Your websites will receive more traffic.
  • Our content marketing generates on average three times more leads than external marketing.
  • Our content marketing enhances our social media marketing and email marketing efforts.

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Other Social Media Content

You can also use our social media banners for your page or to maintain your brand presence online. Businesses also use email banners and blog logos.

It is our mission to improve your brand recognition with your customers, followers, and subscribers, building and establishing brand rapport and making your brand memorable. Our social media banners cover all aspects of social designs

Make sure your logo stands out from the crowd and looks unified and consistent across multiple platforms, no matter where you want to use it

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87% of the potential buyers on the internet make their purchase from Social Media. If you have an active social media strategy and plan, combined with the best execution. You will be able to make a community of your own and engage the actual person with sales in real-time. At Managed Creative, we intend to make Social Media Marketing effective and simple for you.

Managed Creative is creating a way for businesses to make their voices heard in the ever-changing marketplace of today. Culture changes and evolves forever and we understand the spirit of Social Media Marketing.

We know that your existing social media followers are a valued asset, and we want you to retain them as well as grow your network and gain new ones.

Our Social Media Marketing will advantage you in the following ways:


Managed Creative plan and map your strategy.


We build your audience.


We customise our strategy as per your budget to run ad campaigns to boost your post to reach a maximum audience.


We extract the best-suited platform based on your content/brand.


We handle the optimisation and posting of your content on Social Media.