Voice Search Engine Optimisation

by | Nov 9, 2020 | Digital Marketing - Managed Creative

What is Voice SEO?

Voice SEO or voice search engine Optimisation is the process of optimizing keywords and phrases with voice assistants. According to some voice SEO specialists, it is necessary to include voice SEO on websites to successfully show up on search results pages for online searches conducted by voice assistants. such as Google’s speech recognition software.

Benefits of Voice Optimisation

According To Syed Haseeb Ur Rahman’s Research the importance of voice optimisation for SEO depends on the type of business the website owner is conducting. For example, if a website is providing Digital Marketing Solutions then an optimized keyword phrase could be “Digital Marketing Agency” or “Best Digital Marketing Agency” It would be pointless to optimize keywords for services related to “Best Digital Marketing Agency” when the same is already being optimized for “Digital Marketing Agency“.

The next step towards voice SEO is to get a voice assistant who is skilled at performing search Optimisation tasks. You need to do a lot of background research and find out about the background of the voice assistant you are going to choose.

You should also have an idea about how to best use the voice search engine optimisation software in order to maximize your chances of achieving good search engine rankings. A good voice search engine optimisation software will include features like Google Webmaster Tools, which allows you to set different parameters, such as domain name, URL and Meta tags. Voice Optimisation software also comes with other tools like the Auto Optimize feature and the URL Builder. The Auto Optimize feature will help you analyse what keywords your website is optimized for, and the URL Builder allows you to build URL addresses automatically for all the pages of your website.

How Voice Assistant Is Best For Your Website

Voice Optimisation works especially well for websites that have a large number of keywords. For example, if you have a website providing Digital Marketing Solutions, like Search Engine Optimisation, Branding, Web Design and Development you can optimize the keywords “New Era Digital Marketing Agency“, “Best Digital Marketing Agency“, or “Digital Marketing Agencyto get more results on the search engines. If you do not have too many keywords, then there is no need to optimize more than one keyword phrase per page, and in such cases it would be sufficient to optimize the first keyword phrase for one or two keywords that are commonly searched.

However, voice optimisation is not suitable for sites that have a very small number of keywords. In fact, it may take more time and effort for you to optimize your site using voice optimisation methods, especially if you are using the Auto Optimize feature of the software. This is because you need to use keywords of many varieties and rank them according to their frequency to get good results.

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