Website Auditing Services

What is a Website Auditing Service?

A detailed report highlights your website’s primary issues.

Review your complete website code, technical setup, content, mobile optimisation, site speed, ranking performance, backlinks, and user experience with our detailed audit.

Our Audits Simplify
Your Decisions


1. Discussions

We discuss your website, set your goals, and where you think your site could improve.

2. Analysing

We start auditing your website. Our audits use advanced tools and manual tests.

3. Website Report

It is categorised by section, highlighting priority topics. We discuss your web audit and the next stages.

“Whether you are the CEO or the Chief Marketing Officer,
our audits give you clarity on where you can refine your website”

What Is Included In A Full
Audit Of Your Website?

Page-Speed Optimisation

Website loading speed is an important ranking factor when it comes to user experience. Nobody likes to wait, and superfluously high load times will reduce user interaction. We test your site speed and recommend ways to improve your website loading time.

Technical Analysis

We manually test the website to cover all aspects of your site setup. From your designed data to sitemaps, and descriptive instructions to response codes, we have got you covered.

Mobile Optimisation

Having a mobile-friendly website is no longer important. It’s essential. Google Mobile Indexing first checks your website mobile response and website’s page speed to determine where your website appears in search results. We check if it is ready for mobile devices.

Keyword Analysing

We will generate the keywords that you rank for and show you exactly where they rank on Google. Through this research, we will highlight significant keyword opportunities as you can seek to improve your rankings efficiently and drive more sales.

Content Quality

Are page elements like headlines, meta tags, H1, and keywords focused as a team or fighting each other? Missing meta descriptions, Duplicate content, internal links, and bad/broken link will affect your ranking and engagement.


A search engine like Bing and Google measures how website visitors interact with your website and rewards websites that give better UX(User experience) by placing them at the top of SERP (search engine results page). It pays to make sure your website visitors survive.

Backlink Analysis

Backlinks are an essential factor, but they can similarly work against you. Your competitors may try to blacklist you by simply adding your site to link farms. We check if your site is in danger.


User experience is vital. Product description pages increase visibility; Font sizes influence bounce rates and reinforce calls to action. We will provide you with unbiased feedback on any area where it can improve your user experience.

Why Choose Us

We discuss any current issues and your goals. Then manually test essential factors, covering all aspects of your website. Through in-house scripts, expert analysis, and state-of-the-art tools, we uncover imperative issues for your website. Then we prioritise your website issues and gather the results in a practical report.

Work smoother and move quicker with our web audit.
Get a balanced opinion of what’s working and what’s not on your website.