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YouTube is a top-rated platform for video content management rendering it the 2nd largest search engine globally.

People are more prone to watching video demonstrations and content rather than arduously reading long text. Through YouTube advertisements, you can reach your brand aims by picking your niche audiences, their interests, and the demographics, keeping in mind the designated budget.

This platform will lead your brand to new heights and boost its growth via lead generation or brand awareness. YouTube advertisements will manifest your brand to larger audiences and increase your viewership/clientele. YouTube is viewed daily by approximately 30 million people, with the aid of the perfect resources and the ideal plan, you can boost your sales significantly.

Our team at Managed Creative is dedicated to running cost-efficient ads on YouTube with promising results.

If your video is riveting and clearly gets the message across, you are more likely to spread brand awareness and connect with your customers on a personal level. Our committed team will help you strategise and put this technique into action for the benefit of your brand.

HOW DOES YOUTUBE Advertising work?

While on YouTube, you might have stumbled upon some targeted ads which run for a few seconds. Google has a unique strategy for promoting videos on Youtube. The advertiser has to pay every time a user from Youtube clicks the advertisement that pops up while they’re watching a video.

There is a wide range of options to select from; you can choose the option that is perfect for your needs and demands and can help you reach your aims and goals. We will modify your video advertisement to suit your target audience and the objective of the video. Various advertisement categories include (but are not limited) to:

• Tailored Text Ads.      • Retargeted Videos.
• Mobile Video Ads.      • Sidebar display.
• Pre-roll & mid-roll.

You Can Target a Wider Audience Through Managed Creative OPTIMISED YouTube Ads

With an accurate YouTube strategy, we can improve your conversion rate
Billions of content creators and users resort to YouTube to showcase their content. There are many creative marketing strategies that can ensure global outreach for your YouTube advertisements.

At Managed Creative, we strive to create brand awareness within larger audiences to increase your brand’s popularity and help you leave a mark. We provide customised marketing campaigns that cater to the needs of your brand exclusively and help you reach your goals. Our team will help identify the most popular videos to display your brand’s advertisements on and publicise your brand on popular channels to increase viewership.

Why are we different from other agencies?

We examine your brand, identify your requirements and strategise accordingly. Our main aim is to make your brand accessible to larger audiences and hence improve the overall performance.

We give a new definition of marketing on YouTube. Having a team of highly proficient professionals, we monitor your progress and keep analysing the content, improvising when needed. We want the best results for your brand and therefore optimise the content for increased performance, making sure your content reaches larger audiences, which in turn boosts the conversion rate.
With years of experience under our belt and supremely expert campaign managers, our team at Managed Creative strives to create, design, execute and maneuver your YouTube campaigns with ease. Furthermore, our video animators produce cost-efficient videos promoting clear and positive messages to help your brand connect with your clients, boosting growth.

YouTube Advertising with Managed Creative


Progress Reporting

We monitor the progress of your promotions and ads to help you see how successful your ads are.


Ads Optimization

We make sure your advertisement is optimised performance-wise. By analysing your brand, we identify the perfect target audience.


Audience Analysis

We want your brand to be interactive, hence why we create engaging videos and make sure that your brand garners a positive response.


Organic Growth

In order to bump up your following organically, we will frequently upload content that engages and captures the audiences’ attention.

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Our team applies the strategies that achieve the objectives. We are well aware of paid ads on the YouTube platform. Be it an ad that appears directly on any video, or define a target audience to view the content. We make sure that ads reach your brand and create a name for your brand because at Managed Creative


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